RCAXPress – Create Professional Fishbones in Minutes!

Note: RCAXPress has been discontinued. But there are some great alternatives that you can use, like SmartDraw and RealtimeBoard.

RCAXPress Fishbone Diagram Builder is a powerful tool to dynamically create fishbone diagrams (aka ishikawa diagrams) in a Windows® desktop environment. RCAXPress real-time fishbone generator takes the difficult challenge of drawing fishbone diagrams to a level of ease never before seen. You simply enter the probable causes and RCAXPress does the rest.

What do I need to do to create a fishbone diagram?

Remember the days when a brainstorming session would yield results that simply had to be entered into a fishbone diagram? Drawing the fishbone was a great challenge that no-one could easily finish. Now you can enter your ask-why responses in real-time while the fishbone diagram is created for you on the fly. That’s it. Enter your problem statement and start asking why. Each probable cause is automatically placed in its proper position. Later you can go back to adjust font properties and text entries. Simply click refresh to realign.


To permit you to be more productive, we have created an advanced WYSIWYG probable cause ask-why editor. WYSIWYG means “What You See Is What You Get”. You enter the probable cause and it’s automatically routed and placed – expanding the drawing for perfect symmetry with each entry. Later you can detail each entry with a multitude of colors, line styles and font properties.

Generate Reports from your Root Cause Analysis

RCAXpress saves all your work in a database so various reports can be generated from your probable cause entries. Create reports showing the assigned root causes, a complete list of all causal chains and a list of all documents assigned to each probable cause entry.

Why use RCAXPress?

Because creating and documenting a fishbone diagram has never been so easy and so professional! RCAXPress Fishbone Diagram Builder is based on a simple concept: A powerful tool, yes, but easy to use. You need to be spending your time determining the root causes not creating one! So while Asking Why five times is highly recommended, you don’t need to ask why you need RCAXPress – you already know.

Easy to use workspace

  • New Interface Design.
  • The program is fully integrated in one workspace.
  • All the features are visible on screen and easy to access at any time.
  • Includes a built-in update capability for quick access to our web site.
  • Mouse and menu driven.
  • Customizable formats for your probable cause chains.
  • More, More, More…

Powerful features

  • Create fishbones in a fraction of time using a WYSIWYG editor (Windows® and Windows XP® compatible)
  • Assign documents to each probable cause node and quickly launch the document file.
  • Export the fishbone in Enhanced Metafile format for inclusion in reports.
  • Export the Fishbone Diagram in Adobe® Acrobat format.
  • Customizable interface for your probable cause default settings.

RCAXPress Fishbone Diagram Builder has been designed to work with Microsoft Windows® XP/2000/ME/98/NT4 SP4/95. It can also work under Windows 95 OSR2.

System Requirements

Minimal Configuration

  • Pentium® class CPU – 350 Mhz
  • 65636 color Video Card – 800×600
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • Microsoft Windows® 95 or NT 4.0.

Recommended Configuration

  • Pentium® 3/4 or AMD Athlon CPU – 500 Mhz or more
  • True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card – 1024×768
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows XP/2000/ME